Marlene VanBeek works out of her studio in rural Whatcom County, located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Many of her pieces are hand knotted, using a cording with open space between the beads. This look has become a signature of her work. All of her pieces are made by hand, using carefully selected components. Her necklaces, bracelets and earrings are available on her web site, at art shows, and through specialty retail shops.

“I work with glass from Italy, Austria and the Czech Republic. I enjoy searching for new beads, and using them to create objects of original beauty. My favorite of all the bead finishes is the aurora borealis, or AB finish. It was named after the fascinating northern lights, and is a thin, transparent coating that multiplies the color spectrum as light passes through the bead. I love where I work, and my studio is like a haven to me, full of things I enjoy, a great place to design and create. After more than 20 years of participating in art shows and working directly with customers, I still look forward to the enthusiasm and energy I receive from people who appreciate my work.”

Marlene VanBeek (signature)